Tele Marketing

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The Telemarketing module of eSalesEdge is a highly effective tool to for monitoring, management and coordination of the telemarketing efforts. It allows users to import lists of target segment, make calling lists for call scheduling, report on calls made, schedule necessary follow-up and create leads for further action by the lead management team. On logging onto the application, the telemarketing agent can either choose to work on pending calls for the day or generate a new list and make fresh calls. The outcome of the calls are recorded and necessary further action specified. Reports are available to monitor the performance of each agent and the response from specific lists/prospect profiles.


Quote Generation

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eSalesEdge is an inbuilt module of generating quotations for submission to clients. When a user desires to create a quotation the system automatically picks up all details of the client and the products under consideration. The product details like quantity and rates can be changed as per the requirements. Complete integration ensures that all records are updated accordingly. The user can also define the tariffs, discounts, delivery charges, terms of payment and such others as may be applicable. The quotation can be printed directly from the system. Multiple quotations can be generated under each sales effort. The system can also be programmed to disallow printing of quotations without proper authorization. In such cases, the designated authority is automatically notified on creation of a quotation. Complete records of quotations created and submitted are maintained and are easily searchable.

Document and Email Management

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The system maintains records of all documents and emails sent during the sales effort. The system maintains a log of these and also creates a back up in a central repository. In the central repository documents are indexed on the basis of the particular sales effort. The users can also send emails directly from the system. This is a very important feature in the current business scenario, wherein most communications happen via emails. Complete logs of such emails are maintained. A number of user-defined preferences are available for ease of usage. Robust search mechanism enables the user to track all such documents and emails.

Lead History

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Complete history of each Lead is maintained within the system. The working of the system ensures that all leads assigned to subordinates and reports submitted on them are chronologically recorded for future reference and retention of knowledge within the organization. During the progress of the lead or after completion, the sales executive or any other authorized person can review the entire history of the lead. The working of the system is explained with the help of an example:

X, the team leader of the direct sales force of a company Y has three people under him, A B and C. He assigns A, the lead of selling 20 copiers to client P. This assignment is given a unique code. A is required to make regular reporting on progress made on this lead. His feedback takes the form of informing X the briefs of his interactions with the client. X can in turn give regular inputs, advice and instructions. Since complete records are maintained X can review the entire progress at any time. Suppose now, that A leaves the organization and the lead has to be reassigned to B. B just has to go through the history of the assignment and he is ready to take up within an hour. The downtime for the organization is eliminated. The client interaction continues seamlessly.

Many more example or myriad corporate situations can be taken to illustrate the usefulness of the system. The basic strength of this module is that the company’s dependency on employees is reduced to minimal as the knowledge management for the organization is done by the system. This intelligent system assists top management in effective utilization of resources. Maintenance of comprehensive records also ensures that all necessary efforts have been made to achieve the success of the lead. Inadvertent omissions are eliminated. The efficient security system built into the system ensures the employees have access to data relevant to them.

Lead Progress

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The system effectively tracks the progress made on each Lead. A Lead can involve sales effort to existing or new clients. It can also involve post-sales support activities. The lead is marked as ‘Opened’ at the time of initiation and the marking is changed as the effort progresses. The progressive markings could be ‘Follow Up’, ‘Quotation’, ‘Negotiation’, ‘Finalized’, ‘Payment’, and ‘Delivered’.

The terminology of the markings is customized according to the unique usage pattern of the organization. There is no limit to the number of milestones in the sales/support activities. Such marking of lead status enables the sales team and management to immediately ascertain the progress made on each effort. Multiple-parameter based search also enable the company to get information on the number of leads pending at each milestone, leads pending with each executive, duration of such pending and such other details enumerated later.

The system therefore, assists in gauging the efficiency of the sales efforts and employee productivity, in addition to sales effort tracking. Specialists in handling important milestones can be appointed to increase effectiveness. Similarly leads that have achieved key milestones can be assigned to appropriate authorities. This enables better fixation of responsibility. For instance, a sales executive can handle the client unto the quotation stage and then pass it on to the manager for negotiation.

Key Features

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  • Fully Web Based SFA & CRM
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Lead Creation
  • Lead Management
  • Lead History
  • Seamless Workflow
  • Email Campaign
  • Target Setting
  • Executive Appraisal
  • Sales Funnel/Open
  • Opportunities
  • Sales Closure
  • Payment Follow-up

Welcome to eSalesEdge Web Blog!

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eSalesEdge is a comprehensive solution for sales effort management, customer interaction management and product performance analysis. The system is designed to create an EDGE over competition by enabling focused customer satisfaction. It assists the organization in achieving higher revenues, optimizing on marketing costs, improving product planning and striking better collaboration between Sales and Marketing teams for seamless client servicing.

The highly customizable platform enables assignment and tracking of sales effort, monitoring progress along the sales cycle, analysis of product performance on multiple parameters and client profiles, assessment of employee productivity, prioritizing client accounts and leads, efficient customer care and retention of field knowledge within the organization.